Changes Made in ACE7.1.99.68 dated 23rd Dec 2013

01.  Bug Fix – evaluation version 3 users – it was allowing only 1 user

02.  Bug Fix – in repairing corrupted 10 year old ACE4 data while migrating to ACE7

03.  Enhancement – In time Management and Calendars – it shows the current Group members.

Changes Made in ACE7.1.99.67 dated Dec 20th 2013

01.  Enhanced the Sales Funnel or workflow module for easy implementation of CRM

02.  A few small bug fixes.

03.  Enhancement - Multiple non-independent screen can be kept open sharing the same main window making the work more easy.

04.  Bug Fix in ACE4 to ACE7 migration.

Changes made in ACE7.1.99.64 dated Oct. 30th 2013

01.  Bug Fix – File-- > Windows Default -- > Save

02.  Bug Fix – Event List column Resize saving while exiting.


Changes made in ACE7.1.99.63 dated Oct. 9th 2013

03.  Bug Fix and Enhancement in Survey module.

04.  Roadmap of ACE Contac Manager CRM Tool –

a.     All bug fix on ACE7.1.99.63 will continue on version 7.nn.nn.nn with multi-user facility. Updates will happen as usual.

b.    All Functional Enhancements to on premise contact management CRM tool ACE7 will appear as  ACE8.0.0.0 at a higher price. This will also be multi user as usual.

c.     A separate single user version of ACE Contact Manager will be provided soon, at a lower price.

d.    Upgrade from ACE7.n.n.n to ACE8.n.n.n will not be possible without buying ACE8 as there is a major version change.

e.     A web based version which can be cloud enabled, will also be made available soon as ACE9.0.0.0 – price is yet to be decided.

Changes made in ACE7.1.99.18 released on September 06th, 2013  over ACE

01.  Bug Fix – History View for Events, Letters and Emails – enabled.

02.  Bug Fix – On Contact Screen – at first load time, if you click on an event once, it was not getting selected -  Repaired.

03.  Bug Fix – Today’s reminders were showing only Time-less events. Included timed events too.

04.  Enhancements – Included a few Integrity checking and action items.

Changes made in ACE7.1.99.14 released on August 08th, 2013  over ACE

01.  Enhancement – Added a new module so that ACE4 users can directly migrate ACE4 data to ACE7

02.  Bug Fix - On Event Listing (on Contact Screen) – no record was selected initially but the top record’s one column was highlighted – misleading the user. This is corrected.

03.  Bug Fix - On Contact Screen, to go to next record using page down was highlighting the Contact Data – this is corrected.

Changes made in ACE7.1.99.9 released on June 23, 2013  over ACE

01.  Enhancement – A new report combining the Income from Invoices and Expenses from the same contacts, is provided to know the suitable profit making contacts that you should try to retain. To get this report, start ACE7, click on Report menu and select – “Customer Portfolio”.

02.  Enhancement – All Informative Messages now do not need an input from the user – it will display for 2 Seconds and will vanish on its own. The color of the message is red if it is an error message, else blue for information only.

03.  Bug Fix – If you change the width of column on Event window on the Contact screen and change to new database, the Width changes were not stable – fixed it.

04.  Bug Fix – while creating non timed  events – the message that either “Assigned To” person is busy or the contact is busy at a given date and time – was triggered. It was supposed to be triggered only for Timed Events. Fixed it.

05.  Bug Fix - ACE was shutting down on its own while editing events and was also displaying “ out of memory” exception -  a rare incident and was happening only on one user’s site  – corrected two bugs.

06.  Bug Fix – After Creating Event, sometimes it was necessary to compress and  re-index the database in order to see the created event. This is corrected in this release.

07.  Bug Fix – Some users have many databases. Since there was a change in index structure in ACE7.1.99.7 – it was necessary for users to compress and re-index database in order to apply the change of index structure. However, it was tedious to repeat the same for each and every database, manually. Hence, an automatic compress and re-index for each and every database is added in ACE – but, this is available Only when you take a backup and then restore the same ( restore time automatic compress and re-index each and every databases).

08.  Bug Fix – Time Management – Grid View Sort on “day” column – was not working – fixed it.

09.  Bug Fix – When we delete an event or contact – the focus was not on the OK button on the delete dialogue so that the user can just press the enter key to make it happen. Fixed it.

10.  Bug Fix – In Form Letter – deletion of existing letter Template was not working – Fixed now.

11.  Fix - Search by Last Name and First Name – Made better.


Changes made in ACE7.1.99.7 over ACE published on May 22nd   2013

01.  Enhancement – By typing the first letter of the database name on Open database screen, user can select database.

02.  Enhancements – After starting ACE7- user can now see today’s pending task in front of him in a small dialogue so that the user can plan the day well.

03.  Fix – Lookup search – sort order is corrected.

04.  Fix –Scheduled events editing time, event list was vanishing, corrected.

05.  Enhancement / fix - Time Management – made faster and avoided a possible “Out of memory” issue.

Changes made in ACE7.1.99.5 over ACE published on May 17th  2013

06.  Enhancement – All screens are made DPI aware.

07.  Fixes – a few minor bugs are corrected including a bug in memo when the user copies a text from a word file.

Changes made in ACE7.1.99.3 over ACE published on April 29th  2013

08.  Envelop and Label Printing – there was issue in printing. Corrected. Users should click on “Option” , select the right option for envelop or label before printing.

09.  Enhancements – many screens are enhanced to be DPI aware.


Changes made in ACE7.1.99.2 over ACE published on April 22nd 2013

10.  Configuration saving and applying – while clicking on File---Windows Configuration—Save—default configuration – for the screen positions and size. There are two configurations saved – either the default saved manually by the user or the configuration saved automatically at the time of ace closing. The configuration is also applied when the user moved from one database to the other. When ACE7 closes and opens – if default configuration is present (saved) – that takes priority over the closing time configuration.

11.  Edit Preference – corrected – as “Bold” font type was erratically being applied  to all contact screen.

12.  While editing memo – after the date, Time and initial – an extra one line is added for the purpose of readability.

13.  ALT+S was not behaving properly – the screen was shrinking – corrected.


Changes made in ACE7.1.99.1 over ACE 7.1.99 – Published on April 18th 2013

14.  Memo – account number was getting added again while saving after editing

15.  Added settings of “new” font family, size and color for new entry to memo.

Changes made in ACE7.1.99 over ACE 7.1.98 – Published on April 17, 2013

01.  Select database and change the color of the Contact Screen

02.  Memo modification in order to apply color on words

The changes made in ACE 7.1.98 over ACE 7.1.97 are – Published on April 16 2013

(Thanks goes to David for his wish lists)

01. Enhancement - Look-up (as well as List Records(F5) ) composite look-up with Last Name and Fname are ordered first with the selected field and then with the other field.

02. Enhancement - Memo - Coloring of selected word is working now. More update will happen in next version. Cursor is brought to the point where you can start typing.

03. Bug Fixed - Past Due and Birthday reminders are separated.

04. Bug Fixed - List of database( File-->Open) - Key operation is possible even if the mouse is not on that dialogue box.

05. Enhancement - List of database now allows you to select different color for different databases.

06. Enhancement - Delete Database - added more confirmation before deleting.

07. Bug Fixed - 'Check Mark" was being wrongly used as icons for events of type "Follow-up' and 'Opportunity'. Corrected.

08. Enhanced - Time Management Edit was slow - Improved.

09. Bug Fixed - There was an exception in F5(List Records) - corrected. Thanks to Jonathan.

We are on the job for other updates and wish lists. We will communicate to you as and when they are ready.

Hope this helps and gives you a better experience of using ACE Contact Manager for your Management of Customer, Dealers, Agents, Products, Services, Support, Sales employees, Sales Funnel, Campaign, workflow and documents.