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How to perform Marketing activities using Ace Contact Manager?

Does your CRM provide facility to customize your Dashboard – ACE Contact Manager CRM has it already.
Hi, Am Nancy, am Marketing Manager in a company. I enjoy marketing activities and I want to share my joy with you. You know, I do perform marketing in different ways like E-mail marketing, Tele Marketing, and survey. Let see one by one.

Tele Marketing:

I am not comfortable typing numbers and dial. Using auto-dial facility of ACE7, life is easy for me and I love spending more time with customer. I plan for my Marketing campaign through Telephone. I group my customers as per their status in the sales funnel, I write separate scripts for talking to them and then I call the customers in a selected group one by one and speak to them as per my script – this is my tele-Campaign and thanks to ACE7 – my life is so easy now!
Ace Auto Dial
Auto Dial

E-Mail Marketing:

Ace Mail
Ace Mail
I was spending time too much for sending mail to a large number of prospects. I had to send the mails manually one by one so that the e-mail server does not mark them as spam because of the large numbers. I was wasting my valuable time. With ACE7, I first created a group for the prospects and then wrote only one e-mail, used the group mail facility of ACE7 and asked ACE7 to send the same large number of e-mails. Like a human being ACE7 picked-up e-mail ID’s from the prospects database one by one and sent the e-mails one by one and stopped when all the mails are sent. This way, I saved lot of time but completed my campaign without the pain.
Ace Mail
Ace Mail Compose


I was in trouble to analyze who my customers are, what they need, and how to best meet their needs? So I decided to ask the prospects through a survey which will fulfill my objective. Surveys are great information-gathering tools to get accurate results; I have to ask the right questions in the right way. I must ask a few questions with possibility of answering just yes/no so that the prospects doesn’t feel that am torturing them and will be willing to help me. Once I set Survey questions in ACE7 it will be in database, then I can make a call to customers one by one and we can save the customers answers. At the end of all the calls, I can easily view the result of survey with large prospects by using ACE7. This way I am saving customers’ valuable time and I complete my Survey Campaign.
Ace Survey
Survey Campaign
Ace Survey Questions
Survey Questions
Ace Survey Result
Survey Result


Benefits of Ace Contact Manager CRM

  • Continuous Improvement: The dedicated support team of ACE Contact Manager CRM is providing continuous support and enhancements. There are at least 2 updates or enhancements per month. Since last seven years – the price did not increase but, features are continuously being added and upgraded.

  • Flexibility and Customizability: ACE Contact Manager CRM is so flexible to customize by the normal users that users can change any field name on the screen just by right clicking and that too – in the language of their choice ! Because of this flexibility – ACE Contact Manager can be used by any Industry segment. Example of Industries who are using ACE Contact Manager are – Product and Service Sales, Service Industry, Pet Services, Real Estate, Repair and Maintenance, School, Doctor, Lawyer, Police, Art Sales, Insurance Brokers, Help Desks and many more.

  • Affordability or Cost of Ownership: From the existing history of last 30 years we find that the per user per month of using Ace Contact Manager CRM is US$3.00. There is no other tool (Except the free ones) which is so affordable for the small business sector.

About Company

SSGINDIA US Inc was founded in 2009 March at Austin, Texas, with the prime focus in developing and maintaining software products useful for every industry / segment, to better manage their resources, accelerate growth and thus reduce cost for our B2B Clients.

In Nov 2009 SSGINDIA US Inc acquired ACE Contact Manager as the flagship product from DMAC (Data Management Assistance Corporation, Austin, Texas) and continued to enhance and maintain the product in line with the goal of SSGINDIA US Inc.

ACE Contact Manager was originaly started from the day of BizBase, almost 40 year ago, as on 2013.

Based on Product Maturity of ACE Contact Manager and user satisfaction, and the product maintenance standards and processes, now we are ready to offer the experience and expertise to maintain the products of other IT product companies to help them succeed in their business.

Website :

Chairman Director - Mr. Fred Tarbox

Director of Finance - Ms. Tina Kay

Director - Mr. Sabya Gupta


:  + 1 - 512 - 782 -9894
Toll Free
:  + 1 - 855 - 782 - 9894
:  + 1 - 512 - 782 - 8193

Sales and Support : sabya@ssgindia-us.com

Office Address

15408, Scarlet Street,
Austin, TX 78728, United States


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