How the Dashboard of Ace Contact Manager CRM looks like?

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As you Know, Dashboard is widely used to describe an application interface that provides users with quick access to information or common tasks.

In any CRM, the dashboard is used to monitor business performance and CRM data.

Reports are often shown in the dashboard to provide a quick and easy overview of current business performance.

A CRM dashboard is designed to let users perform some specific actions and tasks with a single mouse-click from this interface.

For example, a click from the CRM dashboard could provide you with details on any lead follow-ups that are scheduled for today.

ACE CONTACT MANAGER CRM offers flexible dashboard features such as Task Management System, Time Management System, Survey, Filing System, Complete Record, Phone call List, To Do List, Calendar, Scheduled Event List, Contact List.

User Defined Repots, Invoice Reports and Customer Portfolio are part of Contact Management in ACE Contact Manager CRM.

Following picture shows a customized dashboard of ACE Contact Manager CRM :-


    Benefits of Ace Contact Manager CRM

  • Survey: For market data collection, market research, customer engagement and to collect feedback about customer satisfaction, Survey is a very important tool. For marketing campaign too, survey is very widely used. Ace contact Manager CRM provides a survey module as part of the complete solution.

  • Business relationship:
    1. A customer record can be linked to the products they purchased.
    2. A customer record can be linked to the order they raise.
    3. A customer record is linked to the invoices they receive.
    4. A sales representative is linked to the invoice and hence to the customer.

  • Portfolio Analysis: Many marketing executives were spending for a customer without taking into account of how much they are earning from that customer. Therefore a portfolio analysis of customer wise income and expense was provided as an enhancement to ACE Contact Management CRM.

About Company

SSGINDIA US Inc was founded in 2009 March at Austin, Texas, with the prime focus in developing and maintaining software products useful for every industry / segment, to better manage their resources, accelerate growth and thus reduce cost for our B2B Clients.

In Nov 2009 SSGINDIA US Inc acquired ACE Contact Manager as the flagship product from DMAC (Data Management Assistance Corporation, Austin, Texas) and continued to enhance and maintain the product in line with the goal of SSGINDIA US Inc.

ACE Contact Manager was originaly started from the day of BizBase, almost 40 year ago, as on 2013.

Based on Product Maturity of ACE Contact Manager and user satisfaction, and the product maintenance standards and processes, now we are ready to offer the experience and expertise to maintain the products of other IT product companies to help them succeed in their business.

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Chairman Director - Mr. Fred Tarbox

Director of Finance - Ms. Tina Kay

Director - Mr. Sabya Gupta


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15408, Scarlet Street,
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