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After importing Customer record through excel file to ACE7, how to quickly group them as per customer status to implement sales funnel ?
I am wondering if I can mark the sub-group in its entirety (instead of one by one, individually) as Prospect.

Yes, you can. Example -
  1. Click on Lookup-->first Name-->type J ( or any letter) -->click on Group--> if there are records, it will show else, it will say no valid record. Let us assume that you got 3 records as a result of the query ( it can be any query)

  2. Click on Edit-->Global Replace-->one screen will come - In the "Field to replace" list, select "Prospect"

  3. On the right hand side - select "Value Replace"

  4. One input box will appear below - type T ( T for True and F for False)

  5. Now click on Replace - it will ask your permission - say yes and then close the small global replace form. Now check - all the records of your sub-queried result have become ticked automatically as "Prospect"