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How to use ACE Contact Manager for a particular business segment?
Here are some sample answers - please review the attached link for more details or ask sabya@goace.com for the complete document -

  1. I do comprehensive maintenance for the equipment of customers - can I use ACE ?
    1. It is customers equipment still, please maintain a database so that you have history of repair on each equipment.
    2. Please Create separate database for customers, and separate for your service providers(staff).
    3. Please Create links (assign) between service providers and customers.
    4. Please Create Links between Equipment and customers so that you know which equipment belongs to whom.
    5. Please Create monthly priced Service as Inventory items and raise invoice every month send by email.
    6. Please Create spare parts inventory and raise NIL priced Inventory if you replace spares at customers place to keep your equipment in working condition.
    7. Please Maintain date-wise expenses for each customer when an engineer visit the customer.
    8. Please Maintain contract documents or proposals or quotations to customers in attachments for that customer.

  2. I sell equipment and spares to my customers how do I use ACE ?
    1. Please Create Customer database ( File New Database name and Type Save).
    2. Please Create database for spares as Inventory.
    3. Please Raise Invoice when you sell and send the bill by email to your customer.

  3. I am a book seller I have a few hundred regular customers and a few hundred un-predictable customers.
    1. Please Maintain all customers in a customer database and maintain flags on who is buying every month and who is not ( frequency of purchase as one field on contact screen).
    2. Please Maintain your books, CD, Magazines as inventory items.
    3. Please Use Invoicing when you sell.
    4. Please use email campaign using Group emails.

  4. I am a journalist I am required to keep regular touch with hundreds of other journalists and sources.
    1. Please Create your Contact Database.
    2. Please Classify / Categorize them.
    3. Please Maintain date-wise expenses for each customer when you visit your customer.
    4. Please Maintain contracts with customers in attachments.
    5. Please use email campaign using group emails.
    6. Please use the Survey facility.
    7. Please maintain date wise notes using Memo.
    8. Please manage your meetings and phone calls using events.

  5. I am a Police Officer how do I use ACE Contact Manager ?
    1. Please create database of offenses and related details.
    2. Please create known suspects or criminals.
    3. Please create database links between criminal records and their known Offenses and known patterns.
    4. Please use events for scheduling tasks, meetings, phone calls, to do.
    5. Please create database of other police officers to maintain contact details.
    6. One might like to create a Source contact database to maintain information on informants or contacts which provides information on offenses.
    7. One might like to create a separate database on citizens in the locality and their type, behavior, work, education, contacts, nature etc..

  6. I am a Travel Agent is ACE Contact Manager useful for me ?
    1. Yes.
    2. Please create Customer database and categorize them to implement Sales Funnel like Prospects, Regular Customer, VIP Customer, Corporate Customer.
    3. One might like to create separate database for each customer type instead of one database with grouping in it.
    4. Please use survey and email campaign or group email facility to get leads.
    5. Please use Expense facility to maintain date wise expenses incurred for each contacts.
    6. Please maintain images of each customer.
    7. Please maintain separate database for places of interest with images.
    8. Link the customer record with place of interest visited by that customer.