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“ACE Contact Manager CRM” helps sales, Marketing and Customer support team to improve your company business.
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Independent Representative for Contact Management CRM Software  - ACE Contact Manager 7

Contact Management CRM Software  - ACE Contact Manager 7 ( ) Sales Rep (Outside),

Geographical regions: USA, Canada and UK

Job Title: Independent Sales Representative

Contract terms: Documented below. Your Application to us implies your acceptance of the Contract Terms
Pay Rate: Commission (no cap)
Start Date: Immediately

Description of the Job and Contract Terms –

High margin contract for experienced corporate software sales rep.

Independent Contact Management CRM Software  - ACE Contact Manager 7 Sales Representatives enjoy the freedom of working from their home (office). As an Independent Contact Management CRM Software  - ACE Contact Manager Sales Representative, you are responsible for generating Sales within your specified geographic regions within the Industries that you are already working with. Candidates would utilize their existing Contacts and existing Sales experience in prospecting for business, following up with customers and frequently communicating with

Representatives can be proud to promote and stand behind
Contact Management CRM Software  - ACE Contact Manager version 7 because of existing history of support to the user community for the last 40 years starting from the day of “Biz Base” (earlier name of ACE Contact Manager). Other plus points of ACE Contact Manager 7 are –
  • Flexibility and Customizability – ACE Contact Manager is so flexible to customize by the normal users that user can change any field name on the screen just by right clicking and that too – in the language of choice of the user ! Because of this flexibility – ACE Contact Manager version 7 can be used by any Industry segment. Example of Industries who are using ACE Contact Manager are – Product and Service Sales, Service Industry,  Pet Services, Real Estate, Repair and Maintenance, School, Doctor, Lawyer, Police, Art Sales, Insurance Brokers, Help Desks and many more.

  • User defined reports – users of ACE Contact Manager can generate reports as and when they need based on their  selection of columns, on demand.

  • User Friendly and ease of use – History of decades of ACE Contact Manager shows that users do not need any administrator or special knowledge of installing and using the software.

  • Maintenance of Data – Users maintain data of Contacts, Products, Services, Sales Employees, Invoice, Customer port folio and Customer related documents.

  • Implementing Sales Processes – Users can maintain Workflow or Sales Processes, Sales Pipeline, Segmenting, Campaigns and Surveys using ACE Contact Manager.

  • Manage your Sales Executives – Users Manage their Sales Executives assigning Tasks and creating events which are transferred to the executive by email with all details, even if the executive is busy in the field meeting with customers.

  • Manage Customer Portfolio – Users record expenses against each of their contacts (Prospect or existing customers) as well as invoices. A report tells them which contact is profitable and which is not. So, the users can decide which contacts to maintain and which not in order to maintain a profitable list of contacts only>

  • Document Management – In order to have uniform communication across all sales executives, customer or contact related documents and notes are managed and attached with each contacts. This also helps in attending a customer quickly, even if the Sales Executive leaves the firm and a new one starts with the contacts of the sales executive who left the firm.

  • Reminders – daily reminders to send greetings on contacts’ birthday or anniversary or their community functions, reminders for appointments and phone calls are a necessary task to help the Sales and Marketing executives. It also reminds have pending or past due events.

The generous commission structure provides incentive for generating a strong revenue stream.


  • Minimum 2 years Software sales experience.
  • Eager to sell, driven, and highly self-motivated.
  • Background in sales within the technology market preferably in software sales.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to generate and qualify new leads.
  • Willing to travel for onsite visits to qualified prospects.
  • Owning a notebook computer for demo presentations.
  • Good Window PC skills. Rudimentary knowledge of corporate networks.


Independent Contact Management CRM Software  - ACE Contact Manager Sales
Representatives enjoy the following benefits:
  • Sizeable sales commissions against large-ticket sales with no cap.
  • Pre-sales and post sales software support and artwork services at no charge.
  • User Guide and Trial download are available at no charge.
  • Non-exclusive, and thus can be full time or part-time.
  • Can offer ACE Contact Manager exclusively, if the yearly sales achievements reach US$250,000.

Sales Commission for ACE Contact Manager Version 7

Yearly Sales Value Commission
$500 - $10,000 25%
$10,001-$50,000 30%
$50,001 or more 40%

Payments – Payments are made through Paypal as and when the Sales Proceeds are received to our Bank or Paypal account.
A typical 10 user ACE Contact Manager sale is between $ 990 - $ 1,390 with an average lead-time between 2-10 days. Payment is on commission base only, with no cap. No base salary is provided.

Product Maintenance or Service – Is not a responsibility of Sales Representatives.

Product Liability – Sales Representatives are not responsible for the product liability. Customers sign online User License contracts which covers the product liability.

Cost of Developing Business – is responsibility of the Sales Rep and is not provided by our firm.

Exclusive Territory – Yes, if the yearly sales reached US$250,000 per year.

Long Term Commitment to this contract – This contract is valid as long as mutual agreement to work together happens and exit clause is not invoked or product version does not expire.
Sales Goals  or Targets –Fixed by the Sales Rep. There is no supervision.

Call Reports – Only weekly list of email ids and company name of prospects required to match if the prospect is converted to a buyer and if the buyer belongs to a particular sales Rep.

How do we value the Sales Representatives – As Partners in Profit sharing.

Conflict of Interest – To be handled by the Sales Rep.

Confidentiality – Our firm is not interested to know any information about other companies or products that
s/he is handling, from the Sales Rep.
Training on the product – Available from

Exit Clause – Either part may exist from this contract after providing a 30 days notice and after completing any pending task with any customer or payments which are pending.

About ACE Contact Manager version 7 – You can have detailed information from – web site
User Guide from
“LinkedIn Group “ACE7CRM”
For more information, please contact the ACE Contact Manager Rep program manager
Mr. Sabya Gupta. Phone US office: +1 512 782 9894, email –  

To apply for Independent Representative (Please follow the sequence )
  1. Download and Use ACE Contact Manager from trial download with the help of user guide and our support (please feel free to send any support request to, Import your contact Data in ACE7 and let  know  by email about how confident are you in selling such a tool or send a list mentioning which are the sales operations that you do but are not supported in ACE Contact Manager.

  2. Keep a voice mail to +1-512-782-9894 and make an effort to sell ACE Contact Manager to us.

  3. Send us your resume to - please inform us if you are already an independent representative and if so which other product lines you are currently carrying and for which Industry sectors.

  4. We will provide you an email acceptance of your application and acceptance to your signing of the contract, if we accept you as our Independent Sales Rep.

  5. We will provide you FREE one single user License of ACE Contact Manager version 7 so that you can demonstrate the product on your Laptop or Notebook t your prospects as well as you can use for yourself and start your selling immediately.